Retinal Renew™

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Youth promoting Retinaldahyde serum for rapid dermal rejuvenation

• Wrinkle repair
• Brightening
• Cellular boosting

Retinal Renew™ is a powerful nighttime retinal (0.1%) treatment. Combined with plant stem cells and pigment brightening extracts, this formula is a must for serious anti-aging seekers. This patented, stable Vitamin A performs closest to retinoic acid in a cosmetic topical preparation with little to no irritation as found in most Vitamin A actives. Experience rapid cellular renewal, softening of lines, restoration of skin’s elasticity & firmness, and normalized melanin production for even skin tone.

May be used with other Botanical Rush creams if you wait at least 10 minutes after applying Retinal Renew™.

Directions: Apply to cleansed skin in PM before bedtime. Wear SPF in AM to protect from UV rays.

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