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Gua Sha Stone


The Gua Sha Stone

In Chinese medicine, the properties in rose quartz are utilized to activate the skin cell regeneration, improve uneven, dull complexions, and invigorate circulation.  Simply holding the rose quartz crystal to your skin can activate these benefits. 

How to use a Gua Sha crystal:

In the AM, use Gua Sha crystal with a gentle stroke to smooth serums or creams for about 30 seconds for each area you are treating. Some even take the Gua Sha crystal in the shower (be careful not to drop it) and use the water as the lubricant to garner these aforementioned skin benefits. For optimal results repeat this technique in the evening before bed using Divine Beauty Oil, Deep C Restore Oil, Retinal Renew cream, or your favorite Botanical Rush formula. Many enjoy taking more time with the crystal to infuse night-time treatments before bed. 


A basic routine to follow:

  1. Press the tool gently all over your neck, face & décolletage.
  2. Close one eye at a time and gently press while holding crystal on eyelid, then under each eye. 
  3. Starting at the neck, press/stroke downwards to drain excess fluids into the lymph glands.
  4. Using a 45-degree angle with the triple-curved end start in an upward motion from chin to ear along the jawline.   
  5. When finished, clean the crystal and store it in a secure place so it does not get damaged.


How often should one use the crystal:

One can practice as much as one would like unless there still is some flushing of the skin before re-treating.  If flushing occurs, it should subside within an hour.  Practicing daily is fine.