Crow Be Gone™

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• Collagen boosting
• Firming
• Brightening

Peptides SNAP-8® (acetyl-octapeptide-3) and Inyline® (acetylhexapeptide-30) address expression wrinkles, while leontopodium alpinum meristem cell (edelweiss) firms delicate eye tissue. Additional extracts inhibit the enzyme elastase, responsible for destruction of elastin, while promoting natural collagen synthesis and skin brightening. This potent eye treatment delivers proven peptides, stem cells (edelweiss), and extracts to smooth fine lines and crow’s feet.

This formula is designed to be used under Peptide3 Eye Love™ or Beautiful Eye Cream™.

Directions: Shake well, apply roller tip in downward position to ocular bone/crow’s feet. Avoid contact with eyeball. May be applied around the mouth for wrinkle defense.

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