C Perfection Serum™

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• Collagen boosting
• Brightening
• Healing

This beautiful, stable water & oil soluble C serum trifecta with Vitamin E delivers experiential, visible results. C Perfection Serum offers clinically proven topical potency for collagen and elastin production. Designed to work synergistically with other Rush serums.

Why use three forms of Vitamin C? To maximize ingredient POTENTIAL, aka SYNERGY! L-ascorbic acid on its own is highly unstable, making it challenging to preserve its activity. However, when combined with additional forms of Vitamin C and Vitamin E we create harmony instead of volatility. This synergistic harmony provides additional dermal benefits, such as melanin-inhibiting qualities, brightening, increasing the skin’s ability to inhibit Matrix Metalloproteinase (MMPi), and promoting defense properties while addressing the softening of redness due to inflamed skin.

Always use C Perfection™ first when layering with Rush formulas to ensure optimal absorption and effectiveness.

Directions: Apply one to two calibrated pumps to cleansed face and neck. If layering with other Botanical Rush serums, apply first and follow with other desired serums and nourishing creams.

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