6 NEW Formulas

Let Your Skin Be Your Valentine – 25% off NEW FORMULAS

Show your skin some love with Botanical Rush this Valentine’s Day.

Introducing six new beautiful formulas:


Transform EGF™ Serum – A powerful boost of liposome-encapsulated EGF peptides to support Dermal-Epidermal Junction (EDJ)for youthful skin

Peptide3 Eye Love™ – Triple peptide action wrinkle repair + ultra-hydration cream

Simply Nourished™ – UNSCENTED – A simple nourishing cream protecting delicate

moisture balance

C + Peptide Repair™ – An extraordinary Vit C + peptide & stem cell cream

Flower Power™ Peel – An exfoliating treatment mask with hibiscus and other powerful flowers

Sea Firming™ Gel Mask – A progressive tightening mask with algae extracts & sea collagen